Sunday, April 28

Sunday Flowers

I have found these flowers yesterday for only 1,79 EUR and finally got to take pictures of them.

When I went to work this Friday, I decided to pick some dandelions that grow around the companies in the industry park and arrange them with some grass and other colorful plants growing there as well. I must say my day has never been more peaceful and "green" than that Friday - I decided to get up earlier tomorrow and pick some more flowers around my house and bring them with me.

Today was quite task-rich. I cleaned the flat, took photos of all my granny squares, finally organized the pantry, baked lemon pound minicakes, made some spring rolls for tomorrow's lunch and made pickled cucumber and onion.  I can't wait to eat them all tomorrow for lunch, yay :) And seriously, elephantine has completely taken me in with her blog. 

Do you love cooking and baking? What are your favorite recipes, or what have you cooked/baked recently?

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