Wednesday, May 8

My Latest Obsesion

 Aren't these mini pie forms the cutest? They are 10 cm in diameter and offer the perfect  1-person only serving.
Today I have baked my first quiche:
And here is how:
  • Crust
  • 200 ml yoghurt (chobani)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup grated cheese - I used Parmesan and Eidam
  • salt
  • seasonings (pepper, oregano, thyme)

Pour the mixture into your crust, add tomatoes and asparagus and bake for 15 minutes or more.

And some more:

Pour vanilla pudding into your prepared crust, top with rhubarb, drizzle with sugar and bake :)

Do you like quiche? What are your favorite toppings?

Monday, May 6

Homemade Bread

Yesterday I baked my first bread (recipe). It was delicious, but I think there are some tweaks that could be done. I can't wait to bake some more.

Sunday, May 5

Dreaming of Green

I have never been a big fan of plants or gardening. Not till I moved out from a big family house into a tiny rental apartment and became independent in this way.

My first plant I brought with me was a present from my boyfriend - the Setcreacea hirsuta "Swiftale".
It should look like this and is supposed to have flowers from May-September:
But mine somehow didn't have flowers yet ...

I also have two orchids (one given to me as a present from my Godmother /pink-purple/, one from my mother /white/).
Photo from last year:
And how they look now:

I am actually surprised that they didn't die on me. 

I have now settled to succulents. My succulent garden is now growing quite fast.

These are the ones I have bought yesterday:

I still dream about having my own garden, ever so tiny, where I could plant my own tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes etc., together with flowers, cultivated or wild.

Today an idea hoped into my mind - how about becoming a help, assistant or "intern" in some gardening supplier store, or a florist, or actually our agro school? I on one side doubt anyone would be interested, but I would really like to spent my free time among plants, learning about them, studying them and later maybe use this knowledge for myself.

A few things I learned about gardening:

1. Everything takes its own time
2. Ignoring my plants does them well sometimes - I tend to over-care about my possessions  One of my first succulents died because I just wouldn't leave it alone (and probably over-watered it)
3. It really is relaxing.

I hope my next apartment will have a bigger balcony, if not, there is also the possibility of window farming

Saturday, May 4


Today I finally got to go to the grocery market. So many people at 9 in the morning! I was quite surprised that there have been so many flowers (I came strictly for the vegetables) - and I bought some a well.
Don't the vegetable look pretty in my wicker basket? I love abundance - in groceries, flowers, details...

I am planning on going to the gym again (finally after 3 weeks) - hopefully I won't get nausea like previously.

Anyway, did I mention I made my own Rhubard Ginger Jam the other day? I will post about it soon enough.

Thursday, May 2

Wednesday, May 1


If you are on Goodreads, you might have noticed this years Reading Challenge. Well, mine is to read at least 25 books. I have so far read only 5, so I have to speed it up a bit. I have been to the bookshops looking for a copy of The Last Four Things, but didn't find it. So I decided to buy The Ladies of Grace Adieu and American Gods instead. I have already read The Left Hand of God, but need to re-read it, and then off to the second book of the trilogy.

Are you on Goodreads? How is your Reading Challenge going?

Tuesday, April 30


OK, spring is definitely here.

We have been to the mall a few days back and there has been quite a nice spring themed display with mushrooms and flowers and REAL BUNNIES!! The little one was so cute, jumping around and playing with his ball. The bigger one was kinda bored and tired, but they made a cute couple.

Did I mention that I love daffodils? I do - whenever I have the possibility, I takes snapshots of them. Actually, I do these with every flower, but daffodils are very good models, especially when the light's peering through the petals. 

Sunday, April 28

Sunday Flowers

I have found these flowers yesterday for only 1,79 EUR and finally got to take pictures of them.

When I went to work this Friday, I decided to pick some dandelions that grow around the companies in the industry park and arrange them with some grass and other colorful plants growing there as well. I must say my day has never been more peaceful and "green" than that Friday - I decided to get up earlier tomorrow and pick some more flowers around my house and bring them with me.

Today was quite task-rich. I cleaned the flat, took photos of all my granny squares, finally organized the pantry, baked lemon pound minicakes, made some spring rolls for tomorrow's lunch and made pickled cucumber and onion.  I can't wait to eat them all tomorrow for lunch, yay :) And seriously, elephantine has completely taken me in with her blog. 

Do you love cooking and baking? What are your favorite recipes, or what have you cooked/baked recently?

Saturday, April 27

Saturday Breakfast

  • Coffee with a dash of Baileys and some bread pie with apples

Friday, April 26

Ever since I learned how to crochet last Christmas, I knew I had to make a granny square project.  I particularly liked the sunburst pattern - it is so flowerish and easy to make!
I have bought 7-8 colored yarns, crochet hooks and started. I wanted to make the granny squares as colorful as possible, but then decided to only use 2 colors per one piece. I really like how they look like. I will be posting some more every week till I decide to put them together and probably make a baby blanket (but for ME).

This weeks granny square:

Do you crochet? If yes, would you like to hare your project?