Sunday, May 13

Retail Therapy

This week has been very interesting on so many levels. It is finally warm enough to wear just dresses and some light sweaters. Also, my job got somehow more interesting - the less time I now have to spend there the more I enjoy it - especially the salaries. I finally managed to watch Doctor Who and enjoyed it. Also, I have fallen for retail therapy ... again. I love to buy things that I know will wear all the time.

I have for example bought these cute rose earrings:
FINALLY found some shoes that match the colour of my expectations and the heels are the perfect height:
Giuliana shoes from Humanic (29,95€)
My sister talked me into buying this case at H&M for my iPod, so I couldn't resist:
H&M case (7,95€)
And lastly, I bought a new dress, very 60's like ( I might finally get to make a "What I wore" post with this beauty), some more earring and hair accessories:
H&M dress (24,95); H&M earring (4,95); H&M hair flowers (2,95) 

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Wednesday, May 9

Ever since I started following The Dainty Squid, I became a little obsessed with nail polishes. And since it is so much fun, I also started to experiment a little with the decor.
 Now, most of the "deco" I tried were polka dots (who doesn't love polka dots, right?) They are super cute and astonishingly easy to make.

So I tried pink and gold (liked that a lot, although you can't see much on the photo)...
... brown and gold (not so much)...
... blue and white (baby blue, yay!)...
 ... and many many more which didn't make it to this post.

But since yesterday I have stripes on my nails, basically just because I seem to have lost my "dotting tool" (a pencil with a nail in it, what about that), and I sort of like it. It is different than the previous ones (although I have already had stars on my nails as well), and I think this patterns will appear on my nails more frequently. And the cute little flower ;)

Saturday, May 5

 Today is a very VERY special day! Baggie is 2 years old now (how time flies!), but she will always be my precious little kitten.
And since it is a big deal for me, I prepared a little photo story on how we two met.

It was 30.06. 2010 afternoon, when we decided to take my boyfriend's dog out for a walk (they actually have 8 dogs, but only one is used for walks on a leash). The weather was nice and the birds were singing, what a perfect day! I now remembered that the reason I stayed for the afternoon was that I missed the bus back home (thank God for that!). 
As we were passing the local compost heap, we heard a tiny "meow". And then out of nowhere, this little black ball of fur appeared, no scared at all of us or the dog! There was another "meow" and I knew instantly - I am taking you home with me. (My boyfriend still accuses me of kidnapping her, but I don't believe she belonged to anyone - she was alone on a compost heap!)
 The next thing I remember is that I had to hide her a week, since the elders had a strict "no pets" policy at home (I am not proud of that period - I treated her like a little prisoner :( ) But as time passed by, everybody got used to her so well, that it still surprises me. Well, cats ;) 
 I have decided to name her Bagheera, since I find it to be quite a suitable name for a black kitty cat. The thing is, she looked like the ugly duckling - shaggy fur, crazy eyes, chaotic movements and the sudden jumps and runs ...
 ... but she grew out of it very soon. Her fur is so beautiful now, and her eyes are the only thing you can see when it is dark
 Baggie is still very curious ...
  ... and quite derpy as well ...
 ... but I love my little baby so SO much. She is the best and we share common interests - sleeping being our favourite one.
Happy 2nd Birthday Baggie !!!