Sunday, April 21

Life Lately

Spring has finally arrived (altough some afternoons feel really summery).  We had been invited to a party last Saturday, so I have LOADS and LOADS of photos to take care of now. I had also taken my camera for a walk and it resulted in a high amount of pictures as well - Nitra is quite nice when on bloom.

I have also decided to make a "What I wore photoset", hoping to get to them today, together with my crocheting. I have a collection of dozen of sunburst granny squares, just sitting there, waiting to be taken pictures of and being sewn together to a blanket.

Also, I have fallen from my new bike a few days ago, so it definitely is mine now :D

And, my succulent babies have new brothers and sisters now! I am so happy, my little garden is growing faster then I expected - I will take the ones from work home as well, the stressfull environment doesn't seem to do them good.

See you guys soon.

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