Tuesday, March 22

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My entries will probably be:

And can't decide between these two:

Monday, March 21

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Crocuses and new books

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Shoot'n'Run in BAUMAX

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What I am trying to do but is in my case too messy:

Make scrapbooks and save your favorite pictures
Everytime you find a nice postcard, look at an amazing photo in a magazine - grab it and put it into a scrapbook. You can ask all your friends if they have some old magazines they don´t use anymore or buy some in a secondhand shop. Pull out everything you LOVE and feel INSPIRED by. If you love vintage you can sometimes find some great vintage magazines in old bookstores - great inspiration for poses and colortones. When you collect your pictures think about; colors, processing, poseses, storytelling, styling, makeup, hair, props, locations and of course light technics. When you have made your scrapbook use it when you edit for inspiration.

Tuesday, March 15

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So .. I was told the pictures could have more vibrance .. and they really  look pretty good:

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My favourite couple:

LOVE this one

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Some postprocessing of one of my shots I have taken today. More coming SOON



Lightroom retouch (I always try to go with the auto exposure/wb/etc) + My favourite preset: Center Stage:

Finishing in Photoshop (removed the ugly white light reflections from the two love bugs) + darkening of  the background + unsharp mask - very importante! :D: