Sunday, May 13

Retail Therapy

This week has been very interesting on so many levels. It is finally warm enough to wear just dresses and some light sweaters. Also, my job got somehow more interesting - the less time I now have to spend there the more I enjoy it - especially the salaries. I finally managed to watch Doctor Who and enjoyed it. Also, I have fallen for retail therapy ... again. I love to buy things that I know will wear all the time.

I have for example bought these cute rose earrings:
FINALLY found some shoes that match the colour of my expectations and the heels are the perfect height:
Giuliana shoes from Humanic (29,95€)
My sister talked me into buying this case at H&M for my iPod, so I couldn't resist:
H&M case (7,95€)
And lastly, I bought a new dress, very 60's like ( I might finally get to make a "What I wore" post with this beauty), some more earring and hair accessories:
H&M dress (24,95); H&M earring (4,95); H&M hair flowers (2,95) 

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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