Monday, June 18


I have been a naughty, lazy blogger
But I am back now. As for starters, I decided to update my 25 before 26 list! There are quite a few things that have changed and I feel pretty much awesome right now:

1. Move into a place of my own (any small apartment would do) - I am moving in this Saturday! I have never lived by my own before, so this is a big step for little me.
2. Find a solid interesting job
3. Read a book a month - books read so far: The Hunger Games Trilogy. That makes 3/12, 9 more to go ... Although I am terribly ashamed for the embarassing number 12 - I will definitely increase it
4. Dress more classy - I wear dresses now
5. Grow my hair long a dye it red again - the 1cm/month growth rate is really starting to piss me off, but at least they are growing and becoming healthier again
6. Get fit and lose at least 5 kg - there is a fitness center 5 min. walk from my new home, so I am affraid I can't pretend that I have no time anymore
7. Try out at least 5 DIY tutorials myself
8. Save some (a lot of) money - that means bye bye nail polishes and cute hair accessories
9. Improve my English
10. Bake something once a month - there were some cupcakes, and cupcakes and some more cupcakes in my previous baking excessions 
11. Surprise my boyfriend every now and then with original gifts
12. Eat cake for breakfast - God knows this was NOT such a great idea (maybe because I did it more than once?)
13. Have a picnic in the city park - the weather is too hot now, but I'll risk it anyway
14. Finish my origami bouquet
15. Embroid some kick-ass pattern
16. Attend a crafty workshop

17. Re-read the Greak mythology stories - I sort of started reading a book by some Frenchman, but couldn't finish it whole. But I guess this counts anyway, since I have read more than half of it :)
18. Get my ears pierced - 10.04.2012 right one; 13.04.2012 left one
19. Be an active photographer again
20. Wear more dresses - I have bought 3 new dresses
21. Spoil myself with a professional massage
22. Get a tattoo maybe? - hahaha. NO. Well, maybe. I don't know.
23. Go on holiday
24. Save all my photos on an external hard drive (would be a great present) - 16.06.2012
25. Spend one whole day in my jim jams - this is going to be more than one day, I can feel it in my lazy bones

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