Wednesday, May 9

Ever since I started following The Dainty Squid, I became a little obsessed with nail polishes. And since it is so much fun, I also started to experiment a little with the decor.
 Now, most of the "deco" I tried were polka dots (who doesn't love polka dots, right?) They are super cute and astonishingly easy to make.

So I tried pink and gold (liked that a lot, although you can't see much on the photo)...
... brown and gold (not so much)...
... blue and white (baby blue, yay!)...
 ... and many many more which didn't make it to this post.

But since yesterday I have stripes on my nails, basically just because I seem to have lost my "dotting tool" (a pencil with a nail in it, what about that), and I sort of like it. It is different than the previous ones (although I have already had stars on my nails as well), and I think this patterns will appear on my nails more frequently. And the cute little flower ;)

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