Sunday, May 5

Dreaming of Green

I have never been a big fan of plants or gardening. Not till I moved out from a big family house into a tiny rental apartment and became independent in this way.

My first plant I brought with me was a present from my boyfriend - the Setcreacea hirsuta "Swiftale".
It should look like this and is supposed to have flowers from May-September:
But mine somehow didn't have flowers yet ...

I also have two orchids (one given to me as a present from my Godmother /pink-purple/, one from my mother /white/).
Photo from last year:
And how they look now:

I am actually surprised that they didn't die on me. 

I have now settled to succulents. My succulent garden is now growing quite fast.

These are the ones I have bought yesterday:

I still dream about having my own garden, ever so tiny, where I could plant my own tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes etc., together with flowers, cultivated or wild.

Today an idea hoped into my mind - how about becoming a help, assistant or "intern" in some gardening supplier store, or a florist, or actually our agro school? I on one side doubt anyone would be interested, but I would really like to spent my free time among plants, learning about them, studying them and later maybe use this knowledge for myself.

A few things I learned about gardening:

1. Everything takes its own time
2. Ignoring my plants does them well sometimes - I tend to over-care about my possessions  One of my first succulents died because I just wouldn't leave it alone (and probably over-watered it)
3. It really is relaxing.

I hope my next apartment will have a bigger balcony, if not, there is also the possibility of window farming

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