Tuesday, June 26

Sneak Peek

This week is super busy. I have finally access to my new flat, but I had to clean it for the past 3 days to make it "liveable". Here is a little sneak peek on what is going on in my life:

My sister is spending her free time changing my blog design and I love it! It does look more professional now. And she is also helping me to clean the flat as well - big thanks to her and my boyfriend, who at least tried ;)

I am currently reading Three Men In A Boat. This is the second time I started reading it and stopped at the same passage. The book is very funny though and I am enjoying every line of it:

The surroundings of my flat are great, there are a lot of old people, green scenery wherever you look and the flat is super sunny. And there was this picture hanging on the walls which I intend to keep :)
We renaimed Joncey to Biscuit - my sisters think it suits him better. Btw, he is a little devil - he tries to look like an angel, but he definitely isn't:

And that is basically it.

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