Friday, March 29

On being lazy and setting new goals

It has been a looong time since I posted anything on this blog. This was mainly because my job contract has been prolonged for another year, I started working out and haven't had enough time in general. And yes, I have also been very lazy and fed up with all this blog business - I just didn't know what to post. A bad start, I know. But I am now 26 years old and need to set some priorities and after long thinking I have decided these were definitely to do with photography, blogging and design.

Also, since I love making lists and goals {and fulfilling them!), I have made my 2013 to do list.

My 2013 to-do list:

3. Go abroad at least once and take A LOT OF pictures
4. Read 25 books - My Goodreads challenge so far 03/25
5. Get a pet
6. Organize my personal recipe book - basically just get together some saved magazine recipes and some of my own with photographies
7. Have a picnic in the park - with cupcakes and co.
8. Finish my granny squares project
9. Spent more time practicing yoga
10. Start an inspiration journal
11. Eat less sugar
12. Clean my laptop of unused software and back it up
13. Buy a bicycle
14. Learn to sew
15. Press flowers and leaves and display them
16. Give blood at least once this year
17. Set my priorities straight - money, living etc
18. Get back to my German and maybe take a certificate course
19. Drink more tea
20. Decorate my flat no matter how much space will be available
21. Make rhubarb jam and many other jams
22. Probably get back into this blogger business - keeps me inspired
23. Do some proper thrift shopping
24. Go hiking - there are loads of places in our country to do that
25. Get a 1 hour/week only with myself and for myself (tea, deep thoughts and nail vanish) - i will probably have to buy a pretty mug just for this occasion!
26.Go and see a theater play
27. Buy a black blazer
28. Do a "A jumping photo a week/month" post
29. Start a collection of something tiny and pretty - I still haven't decided yet what but I am thinking maybe some brooches :)

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