Wednesday, March 28

What's in my Bag

I've always wanted to make a post like this, unfortunately never had the nerves to. But today I was home alone and it was the perfect time to finally get the things out of my bag.

I don't carry a lot of things, but my bag is still pretty heavy. I need to have two purses, because I have a lot of change with me, although I own a bus card. 

Since last year I have been looking for the perfect hand-cream (still unsuccesfull at this), so I change them a lot. I have discovered a new one in Marks Spencer, which smells beautifully of wild berries and was quite cheap.

I have also founda pretty little lip balm in H&M in the cutest packing (quite hard to open though). I decided not to buy a vanilla one (everything I have smells of vanilla) and went for a ginger and lime one. It was a pretty good choice.

There are some other things, such as a new notebook my boyfriend bought me (I have already scribbled all over it), a pen case that had seen better times, my gorgoeus lipstick and my iPod Touch.  The latest is the best one can wish for if he is bored at work and can't really use the computer to keep himself entertained. 

As can be seen, I am a big cat fan. In fact, I have a black devil of my own!
Her name is Bagheera, but everybody keeps calling her Baggie. She is the cutest and I don't know what I would have done without her. It is true that cats can calm a person down, and mine helped me going through a lot of stress. I love her :)

So that is probably everything that can be found in my bag, except paper sraps and various pills (Ginko Biloba to keep my brain fit!)

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