Friday, March 16

Sunday Sum-up


It is time to sum-up previous week in some words. Or lets say, one word. Blog. I have been thinking about making a new blog for a while now (more frequently since I have discovered some new treasures on the internet) and Friday night seemed like to be the right time to start one.

I would like to pay respect to my sister Bea, who had the patience to stay with me from Friday night till Saturday morning and gave me precious advice on how to design a blog to make it look .. not horrible :D.

I am still thinking about how to blog: will I post a mixture of everything that catches my eye, or will I make designed, planned posts every day? It is worth to give a try for the planned ones, although I think my laziness and lack of blogging experience will make it quite hard for me.

Anyway, here are some things that deserve mentioning:

There are many blogs that have caught my eye this week, and Scathingly Brilliant was one of them. The outfits are definitely closest to my taste and are very inspirational.

Little Chief Honeybee is another fine blog were there is plenty of inspirational material, not only for clothes.

Give Me Bows represents the simple classics, her outfits are the most romantic and I am completely in love with all of them!


  1. Very nice!
    Oh, who did your blog template :O

  2. Ohohohohoho!!!
    Niketo pracoval na blogu!!
    Ked prides domov, budeme musiet doplnit nieco po bokoch, pretoze to je dost prázdne :3

  3. Thanks for featuring me! :) Your blog design is incredibly cute!! x

    1. Thank you, it means a lot to me. Of course I have featured your blog, it is gorgeous! :)

      Thanks for stoping by ♥