Monday, July 9

Cooking alone ...

Yesterday was an incredibly hot day, so I have decided to make something light for lunch and since I LOVE bruschettas, I tried to make someting similar my own way :)
The ingredients I used were:
(serves 2 breads)
1 big tomato
1/2 onion
garlic (for taste)
1 tbs of oil
pinch of salt
some herbs
I have actually used herb salt, you can find it in supermarkets next to normal salt

Step 1: Slice the tomatoes and remove the skin (or you can keep it, I don't like tomato skins so I remove them) and chop the onions.
Step 2: Mix them in a bowl together with your salt, herbs and oil.
 Step 3: Make toast. I used my frying pan since our toaster is unusable at the moment ...

Step 4: Spread the garlic over your toast - just basically rub the surface of the bread with the garlic - or just chop it and add to your mix in the bowl
Step 5: Put your tomato/onion/herb mixture on the bread and enjoy! :) 

Hope you liked this recipe. I certainly did :)
PS: Do you have any fast tasty and cheap recipes?

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